I am a recording engineer, producer, musician, and studio owner. I have worked as a professional audio engineer for over 13 years and have logged over 20,000 hours as a working engineer in recording studios and mastering labs. I have worked with hundreds of musicians on innumerable records. I have never owned a four-track.

My studio, Denial Labs, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.


I am available to do tracking and overdubbing either at my personal studio, Denial Labs, or at the studio of your choice. At Denial Labs, tracking is done on a Digidesign ProTools Mix Plus TDM system with 24 20 bit analog inputs and outputs, using an assortment of well chosen microphones (Neumann, Milab, AKG, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Shure, EV, Beyerdynamic). The studio is a one-room configuration with a vocal isolation room.

At Denial Labs, tracking and overdubbing time is billed at $40 per hour. If you feel that having to watch the clock will add unnecessary tension and stress to your project (which it sometimes can), then contact me, and I will be glad to negotiate a flat "day rate" with you, so neither of us is watching the clock while we're working.

If you'd like me to work with your band at another studio of your choice, I am available at a flat day rate of $200 per day. This rate also applies to mixing done at other studios. I may also be able to help you negotiate a "bring your own engineer" discount rate at the studio you choose.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions section for more information on tracking.


At Denial Labs, there are two ways to mix: analog or digital. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and I discuss them at length in the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website.

I offer two basic billing options for mixing. If the band will be present in the studio for the mixing, then the normal $40 per hour rate applies. This rate is available for analog or digital mixing.

However, for digital mixing, I offer an additional option: If I am able to mix the song without the band present and on my own time, I will mix for a flat fee of $150 per song. With this flat rate, there is no clock watching. I spend a minimum of four hours per song mixing, but I often spend as much as 8 or 12 hours per song, so if your songs are complicated, have lots of parts, or require intricate mixing and automation, this could be a very cost effective option for your project. I like it because it allows me to work at my own pace without distractions and, therefore, often yields the highest quality results. This rate also includes two revisions per song. That is, if I deliver a mix and you think it needs some adjustments, I can recall the mix and make those adjustments and give you a reference disc. This is one revision. If after this, you still feel it needs a few minor adjustments, I will recall the mix again and make further adjustments. That's two revisions.


I have a 24 bit, 16 track laptop-based remote recording rig and can record anywhere in the world, as long as there's an AC outlet. I have made records in clubs, rehearsal spaces, concert halls, coffee houses, the Playboy Mansion, and just about anywhere else you can think of. Contact me for a quote based on your specific needs. Flat rates start at $200 and go up from there, depending on what you need. All quotes include a reference mixdown done later in the studio.


While my first job in the audio business was as a mastering engineer, my studio is not a commercial mastering facility. Mastering is a crucial make-or-break final step in the record making process. I whole-heartedly recommend that you use a high end mastering lab for your project. However, high end mastering can cost from about $1000 on average to $5000 for the world class services. While it's usually worth every penny, for many unsigned or indie projects, this just isn't in the budget or, based on sales expectations, doesn't make sense financially.

For those projects, I offer high quality 24 bit ProTools-based mastering services for $6 per program minute. That is, a three minute song for $18 or a 60 minute record for $360, and so forth.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions section for more about mastering.


I enjoy mixing live sound occasionally and, unlike a lot of studio engineers, I'm also good at it. I've mixed small rooms for 6 people, mid sized clubs for 600 people, theaters for 2000 people, and large outdoor venues for as many as 10,000 people. I've mixed in venues from the Viper Room and the El Rey in Hollywood to Stone Mountain in Georgia. I can make my way around pretty much any mixing desk and outboard rack. Please contact me for a quote on live sound mixing.


For law firms or law enforcement agencies, I can provide forensic enhancement of telephone or surveillance recordings to make transcription possible. I am also available as an expert witness in the field of audio. You may count on the strictest confidentiality on my part with these projects. Contact me for a quote.

Also, if you have old recordings (demos, treasured vinyl, dead friends or relatives) with sentimental value, I can usually improve the sound quality of these considerably and transfer them to CD for you. Contact me for a quote.


Full payment is due at the conclusion of business each day unless you have specifically made other arrangements with me in advance.

If you are with a major label or are booking large blocks of time, I may ask for a deposit in advance.

No-shows and cancellations with less than 48 hours' notice will incur a $40 cancellation fee.

Under no circumstances will masters, rough mixes, reference CDs, hard drives, backups, or any copy of work done leave the studio unless your account is paid in full. No exceptions. Sorry, mom.